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Brewclub 11th August 2016

This months brewclub was held in the Brewstore due to the Edinburgh Fringe taking up all the venues in the city. In any case it was another great meeting with the monthly theme of Sour/Brett/mixed fermentation/funky beers. Brewer Beer Description/Feedback Brewstore – Johnny & Theo Session IPA – Small Batch Brewery A little too much… Continue reading Brewclub 11th August 2016

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Belgian Yeast Comparison Trial

Purpose For this yeast trial we compared five Belgian ale yeasts split within a batch of wort in an effort to better understand their flavour profiles and fermentation characteristics. The yeast strains used were Safbrew Abbaye, M31 Belgian Tripel, M41 Belgian Ale, WLP530 Belgian Abbey and WLP670 Belgian Golden Ale. Methods The mash was completed using a stepped mash at 50C, 67C,… Continue reading Belgian Yeast Comparison Trial

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Brewclub 14th July 2016

This months theme was Single hop beers. As usual we kicked off with wide array of beer styles and an elderflower champagne! List as follows: Brewer Beer Description/Feedback Dave Elderflower Champagne Light carbonation, sweet, fruity and refreshing. Schofferhoffer (brought by Johnny) Grapefruit Radler 2.5% Great fruity grapefruit.   Luke Hoppy Sour: Kettle soured with probiotic tablets.… Continue reading Brewclub 14th July 2016

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Brewclub 9th June 2016

The theme this months was beers inspired by or containing food/sweets etc. Brewer Beer Notes Igor (Radomir) Round Table I.P.A. Amarillo Mosaic IPA using wlp001 Daniel 4.5% Belgian ale Yeast harvested from a ‘saison dupont’  bottle. Bubblegummy. Martin Pilsner Lagered over winter at 10˚C to 15˚C. Had an animally character to it? Hallertauer Mittlefruh and Northern… Continue reading Brewclub 9th June 2016

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Brewclub 12th May

This months theme was Belgian ales. As usual we kicked off with wide array of beer styles (and coffee!), as well as a surprising number of table beers. List as follows: Brewer Beer Description Ross A little less Amarillo, a little more Rakau Excellent fruity, peachy Rakau flavour. Great name. Doug – Mitchelbrew Mitchell Blend cold brew… Continue reading Brewclub 12th May

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Brewclub 14th April

This months theme was IPA’s, APA’s, DIPA’s, etc. That didn’t stop us starting off with a ridiculous number of meads, (courtesy of Ross and Theo) some good, some really, really not good… Brewer Brew Notes James Hardacre Raspberry Wheat – Razzer the elephant warrior This was really good, shame about the name. Theo Barnes Roibrett… Continue reading Brewclub 14th April

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BrewClub 10th March 2016

This month’s focus was Stouts and Porters, with very few of the dark beers on offer being less than 7% ABV. Brewer Brew Notes Community Brew Barrel Aged Brown Ale An effort led by James Hardacre with 6 or so from the club contributing batches of their own different strong brown ales, blended and matured… Continue reading BrewClub 10th March 2016